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OEMs Electronics is a leading independent electronic components distributor of Signal Transformer parts.
Signal Transformer
Signal Transformer DistributorWe are a leading independent electronic components distributor of Signal Transformer electronic component parts. Browse the part number by Signal Transformer to find the electronic component parts you need. Once you find the Signal Transformer electronic component part you are looking for, you can simply use the Request Quote Form to submit a request for quote (RFQ), and we will contact you quickly. If you have a Spreadsheet/BOM, you can email your list to info@OEMsec.com

Signal Transformer Electronic Components & Parts:

Image Part Number Description Quote
SCX114-101 INDUCTOR 100/396.06UH 0.54/0.27A RFQ
SCX114-150 INDUCTOR 15.0/60.12UH 1.4/0.70A RFQ
SCX114-151 INDUCTOR 150/602.87UH 0.44/0.22A RFQ
SCX114-1R2 INDUCTOR 1.20/4.28UH 4.5/2.55A RFQ
SCX114-200 INDUCTOR 20.0/81.83UH 1.0/0.50A RFQ
SCX114-201 INDUCTOR 200/793.65UH 0.36/0.18A RFQ
SCX114-250 INDUCTOR 25.0/101.6UH 0.96/0.48A RFQ
SCX114-2R2 INDUCTOR 2.20/8.08UH 3.4/1.70A RFQ
SCX114-301 INDUCTOR 300/1199.46UH .32/0.16A RFQ
SCX114-320 INDUCTOR 32/129.32UH 0.80/0.40A RFQ
SCX114-4R7 INDUCTOR 4.70/18.8UH 2.0/1.00A RFQ
SCX114-500 INDUCTOR 50/202.07UH 0.70/0.35A RFQ
SCX114-680 INDUCTOR 68/273.61UH 0.66/0.33A RFQ
SCX114-8R0 INDUCTOR 8.00/32.33UH 1.8/0.90A RFQ
SCX114-9R6 INDUCTOR 9.60/38.48UH 1.7/0.85A RFQ
SCX114-R47 INDUCTOR 0.47/1.67UH 5.5/2.75A RFQ
SCX114-R68 INDUCTOR 0.68/2.40UH 5.1/2.55A RFQ
SCX147-0R47 INDUCTOR 0.47/1.76UH 7.0/3.50A RFQ
SCX147-0R8 INDUCTOR 0.80/3.14UH 6.0/3.00A RFQ
SCX147-100 INDUCTOR 10/38.42UH 3.4/1.70A RFQ
SCX147-101 INDUCTOR 100/396.90UH 0.92/0.46A RFQ
SCX147-150 INDUCTOR 15.0/56.64UH 3.0/1.5A RFQ
SCX147-151 INDUCTOR 150/592.90UH 0.82/0.41A RFQ
SCX147-1R2 INDUCTOR 1.20/4.90UH 5.5/2.50A RFQ
SCX147-1R8 INDUCTOR 1.80/7.06UH 5.0/2.95A RFQ
SCX147-200 INDUCTOR 20.0/78.4UH 2.1/1.05A RFQ
SCX147-201 INDUCTOR 200/802.82UH 0.64/0.32A RFQ
SCX147-250 INDUCTOR 25.0/103.68UH 2.0/1.00A RFQ
SCX147-301 INDUCTOR 300/1192.46UH 0.62/.31A RFQ
SCX147-330 INDUCTOR 33.0/132.50UH 1.8/0.90A RFQ
SCX147-500 INDUCTOR 50.0/200.70UH 1.5/0.75A RFQ
SCX147-5R0 INDUCTOR 5.00/19.6UH 4.4/2.20A RFQ
SCX147-680 INDUCTOR 68.0/268.32UH 1.2/0.60A RFQ
SCX147-8R0 INDUCTOR 8.00/33.12UH 3.5/1.75A RFQ
CL-6-12 CHOKE DUAL 12/3MHY 6/12A RFQ
CL-12-24 CHOKE DUAL 4.8/1.2MHY 12/24A RFQ
CL-25-50 CHOKE DUAL 1.2/0.3MHY 25/50A RFQ
CL-50-100 CHOKE DUAL 0.5/0.12MHY 50/100A RFQ
SC32-150 Image SC32-150 INDUCTOR SMD 15UH 0.57A 2.52MHZ RFQ
SC43-1R0 Image SC43-1R0 INDUCTOR SMD 1.0UH 3.80A 7.96MHZ RFQ
SC43-1R4 Image SC43-1R4 INDUCTOR SMD 1.4UH 3.30A 7.96MHZ RFQ
SC43-3R3 Image SC43-3R3 INDUCTOR SMD 3.3UH 2.15A 7.96MHZ RFQ
SC43-4R7 Image SC43-4R7 INDUCTOR SMD 4.7UH 1.70A 7.96MHZ RFQ
SC43-6R8 Image SC43-6R8 INDUCTOR SMD 6.8UH 1.41A 7.96MHZ RFQ
SC43-100 Image SC43-100 INDUCTOR SMD 10UH 1.15A 2.52MHZ RFQ
SC43-470 Image SC43-470 INDUCTOR SMD 47UH 0.54A 2.52MHZ RFQ
SC43-680 Image SC43-680 INDUCTOR SMD 68UH 0.46A 2.52MHZ RFQ
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