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OEMs Electronics is a leading independent electronic components distributor of FEIG Electronic parts.
FEIG Electronic
FEIG Electronic DistributorWe are a leading independent electronic components distributor of FEIG Electronic electronic component parts. Browse the part number by FEIG Electronic to find the electronic component parts you need. Once you find the FEIG Electronic electronic component part you are looking for, you can simply use the Request Quote Form to submit a request for quote (RFQ), and we will contact you quickly. If you have a Spreadsheet/BOM, you can email your list to info@OEMsec.com

FEIG Electronic Electronic Components & Parts:

Image Part Number Description Quote
2096.000.00 Image 2096.000.00 ID ISC.ANT.C-A CABLE FOR LR ANT RFQ
2650.000.00 Image 2650.000.00 ID CHA.NIMH-A BATTERY CHARGER RFQ
1977.000.01 Image 1977.000.01 ID ISC.ANT.MUX 8X ANT MULTIPLEXR RFQ
2560.000.00 Image 2560.000.00 ID CAB.NET.24V-B-US CAB U.S.PLUG RFQ
2259.000.00 Image 2259.000.00 ID CAB.A-A ADAPTER CABLE RFQ
1690.000.00 Image 1690.000.00 ID CAB.RS-A CABLE 232/485 PWRSUP RFQ
1691.000.01 Image 1691.000.01 ID ISC.MS.MR/PR-A MOUNTING SET RFQ
1654.000.00 Image 1654.000.00 ID ISC.ANT.EC EXT CABLE L-R ANT RFQ
1654.002.00 Image 1654.002.00 ID ISC.ANT.C2-A UHF ANT CABLE 2M RFQ
1654.003.00 Image 1654.003.00 ID ISC.ANT.C6-A UHF ANT CABLE 6M RFQ
2673.000.01 Image 2673.000.01 ID ISC.LR.I/O-A I/O EXT BOARD RFQ
2557.000.00 Image 2557.000.00 ID NET.24V-B POWER SUPPLY UNIT RFQ
1269.003.01 Image 1269.003.01 ID ISC.ANT.PS-B ANT PWR SPLITTER RFQ
1269.005.01 Image 1269.005.01 ID ISC.DAT-A DYNMIC ANT TUN BORD RFQ
1966.000.00 Image 1966.000.00 ID ISC.MAT-A MANUAL ANT TUN BRD RFQ
2421.000.01 Image 2421.000.01 ID ISC.CF2.WLAN-A WIRELESS ADPTR RFQ
1663.000.00 Image 1663.000.00 ID ISC.ANT340/240 PAD ANT RFQ
1967.000.00 Image 1967.000.00 ID ISC.ANT40/30-A ANT 50 OHM RFQ
1968.000.00 Image 1968.000.00 ID ISC.ANT100/100-A ANT 50 OHM RFQ
1451.009.02 Image 1451.009.02 ID ISC.ANT.U250/250-FCC CIRC UHF RFQ
2717.000.00 Image 2717.000.00 ID ISC.ANT200/200 HAND HELD HF RFQ
1451.000.00 Image 1451.000.00 ID ISC.ANT300/300 ANTENNA RFQ
1451.008.00 Image 1451.008.00 ID ISC.ANT800/600-DA ANT W/DAT RFQ
2149.000.01 ID ISC.ANT1400/760-B GATEANTENNA RFQ
1916.000.01 Image 1916.000.01 ID CPR.M02.VP/AB-B READER MOD RFQ
1524.000.01 Image 1524.000.01 ID ISC.PRH101-A HAND-HELD READER RFQ
1638.005.01 Image 1638.005.01 ID ISC.MR101.M-A MIDRANGE READER RFQ
1260.022.00 Image 1260.022.00 ID ISC.LRM2000-B LONG RANDE READ RFQ
1524.001.01 Image 1524.001.01 ID ISC.PRH101-USB HND-HLD READR RFQ
2633.000.00 Image 2633.000.00 ID ISC.MR200-WLAN MR WRLSS READR RFQ
2481.001.11 Image 2481.001.11 ID ISC.LRMU1000-A-FCC UHF READER RFQ
2241.002.11 Image 2241.002.11 ID ISC.LRU1000-A-FCC UHF READER RFQ
1260.021.00 Image 1260.021.00 ID ISC.LRM2000-A LONG RANGE READ RFQ
2241.002.12 Image 2241.002.12 ID ISC.LRU1000-A0-FCC UHF READER RFQ
1834.000.00 Image 1834.000.00 ID ISC.M02-B READER MODULE RFQ
2873.000.00 Image 2873.000.00 ID CPR.M02 VP/AB-CA READER MOD RFQ
1638.007.01 Image 1638.007.01 ID ISC.PR101.M-A PROXY READR MOD RFQ
1638.002.01 Image 1638.002.01 ID ISC.PR101-A PROXY READR 232 RFQ
1638.003.02 Image 1638.003.02 ID ISC.PR101-USB PROXY READR USB RFQ
1524.004.00 Image 1524.004.00 ID ISC.PRH101-B BLUETOOTH READER RFQ
0913.017.00 Image 0913.017.00 ID CPR.02.VP/AB-ATS READER RS232 RFQ
2060.000.00 Image 2060.000.00 ID ISC.MR200-A MID RANGE READER RFQ
2221.000.01 Image 2221.000.01 ID ISC.MR200-E ETHERNET MR READR RFQ
1260.020.00 Image 1260.020.00 ID ISC.LR2000-A LONG RANGE HF RFQ
1524.003.00 Image 1524.003.00 ID ISC.PRH110-A HAND-HELD READR RFQ
1638.000.01 Image 1638.000.01 ID ISC.MR101-A MID RANGE READER RFQ
1638.001.02 Image 1638.001.02 ID ISC.MR101-USB MID READR USB RFQ
1916.001.01 Image 1916.001.01 ID CPR.M02.VP/AB-BA READER MOD RFQ
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