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OEMs Electronics is a leading independent electronic components distributor of Cree Inc parts.
Cree Inc
Cree Inc DistributorWe are a leading independent electronic components distributor of Cree Inc electronic component parts. Browse the part number by Cree Inc to find the electronic component parts you need. Once you find the Cree Inc electronic component part you are looking for, you can simply use the Request Quote Form to submit a request for quote (RFQ), and we will contact you quickly. If you have a Spreadsheet/BOM, you can email your list to info@OEMsec.com

Cree Inc Electronic Components & Parts:

Image Part Number Description Quote
C3D20060D Image C3D20060D DIODE SCHOT 600V 20A ZREC TO247 RFQ
C4D10120D Image C4D10120D DIODE ARR SCHTKY 1200V 9A TO247 RFQ
C2D10120D Image C2D10120D DIODE SCHOTTKY 1200V 2x5A TO-247 RFQ
C2D20120D Image C2D20120D DIODE SCHOTTKY 1200V 22A TO-247 RFQ
C4D30120D Image C4D30120D DIODE SCHOTTKY 1200V DUAL TO-247 RFQ
C4D40120D Image C4D40120D DIODE ARR SIC 1200V 27A TO247-3 RFQ
C4D20120D Image C4D20120D DIODE ARR SCHTKY 1200V 16A TO247 RFQ
CSD20030D Image CSD20030D DIODE SCHOTTKY 300V 20A TO-247 RFQ
CSD20060D Image CSD20060D DIODE SCHOTTKY 600V 16.5A TO-247 RFQ
C3D1P7060Q Image C3D1P7060Q DIODE SCHOTTKY 600V 1.7A 10PQFN RFQ
CSD01060E-TR Image CSD01060E-TR DIODE SCHOTTKY 600V 2.2A TO252-2 RFQ
CSD01060A Image CSD01060A DIODE SCHOTTKY 600V 2.2A TO220-2 RFQ
CSD01060E Image CSD01060E DIODE SCHOTTKY 600V 2.2A TO252-2 RFQ
C3D02060E Image C3D02060E DIODE SCHOTTKY 600V 2A TO252-2 RFQ
C3D02060A Image C3D02060A DIODE SCHOTTKY 600V 2A TO220-2 RFQ
C3D03060E Image C3D03060E DIODE SCHOTTKY 600V 3A TO252-2 RFQ
C3D03060F Image C3D03060F DIODE SCHOTTKY 600V 3A TO220-F2 RFQ
C3D04060A Image C3D04060A DIODE SCHOTTKY 600V 4A TO220-2 RFQ
C3D04060F Image C3D04060F DIODE SCHOTTKY 600V 4A TO220-F2 RFQ
C3D04060E Image C3D04060E DIODE SCHOTTKY 600V 4A TO252-2 RFQ
C4D02120E Image C4D02120E DIODE SCHOTTKY 1200V 5.9A TO252 RFQ
C4D02120A Image C4D02120A DIODE SCHOTTKY 1200V 5.9A TO220 RFQ
C3D04065A Image C3D04065A DIODE SCHOTTKY 650V 4A TO220-2 RFQ
C3D06060A Image C3D06060A DIODE SCHOTTKY 600V 6A TO220-2 RFQ
C3D06060G Image C3D06060G DIODE SCHOTTKY 600V 6A TO263-2 RFQ
C3D06065A Image C3D06065A DIODE SCHOTTKY 650V 6A TO220-2 RFQ
C3D08060A Image C3D08060A DIODE SCHOTTKY 600V 8A TO220-2 RFQ
C3D08060G Image C3D08060G DIODE SCHOTTKY 600V 8A TO263-2 RFQ
C3D10060A Image C3D10060A DIODE SCHOTTKY 600V 10A TO220-2 RFQ
C3D10060G Image C3D10060G DIODE SCHOTTKY 600V 10A TO263-2 RFQ
C3D10065A Image C3D10065A DIODE SCHOTTKY 650V 10A TO220-2 RFQ
C4D05120E Image C4D05120E DIODE SCHOTTKY 1200V 8.2A TO252 RFQ
C4D05120A Image C4D05120A DIODE SCHOTTKY 1200V 8.2A TO220 RFQ
C2D05120A Image C2D05120A DIODE SCHOTTKY 1200V 10A TO220-2 RFQ
C2D05120E Image C2D05120E DIODE SCHOTTKY 1200V 10A TO252-2 RFQ
C4D08120A Image C4D08120A DIODE SCHOTTKY 1200V 11.3A TO220 RFQ
C4D10120E Image C4D10120E DIODE SCHOTTKY 1200V 14A TO252 RFQ
C4D10120A Image C4D10120A DIODE SCHOTTKY 1200V 14A TO220 RFQ
C2D10120A Image C2D10120A DIODE SCHOTTKY 1200V 17A TO220-2 RFQ
C3D10170H Image C3D10170H DIODE SCHOTTKY 1700V 14.4A TO247 RFQ
C4D15120A Image C4D15120A DIODE SCHOTTKY 1200V 20A TO220 RFQ
C4D20120A Image C4D20120A DIODE SCHOTTKY 1200V 20A TO220 RFQ
C3D02060F Image C3D02060F DIODE SCHOTTKY 600V 2A TO220-F2 RFQ
C3D03060A Image C3D03060A DIODE SCHOTTKY 600V 3A TO220-2 RFQ
C3D08065A Image C3D08065A DIODE SCHOTTKY 650V 8A TO220-2 RFQ
C4D08120E Image C4D08120E DIODE SCHOTTKY 1200V 12.1A TO252 RFQ
C3D25170H Image C3D25170H DIODE SCHOTTKY 1700V 26.3A TO247 RFQ
CPW3-1700-S010B-WP Image CPW3-1700-S010B-WP DIODE SCHOTTKY 1700V 10A WAFER RFQ
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