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Electronic Components Manufacturer - Bourns Inc.

OEMs Electronics is a leading independent electronic components distributor of Bourns Inc. parts.
Bourns Inc.
Bourns Inc. DistributorWe are a leading independent electronic components distributor of Bourns Inc. electronic component parts. Browse the part number by Bourns Inc. to find the electronic component parts you need. Once you find the Bourns Inc. electronic component part you are looking for, you can simply use the Request Quote Form to submit a request for quote (RFQ), and we will contact you quickly. If you have a Spreadsheet/BOM, you can email your list to info@OEMsec.com

Bourns Inc. Electronic Components & Parts:

Image Part Number Description Quote
B1250T Image B1250T FUSE TELECOM 1.25A 600V SMD RFQ
B2000T Image B2000T FUSE 2A 600VAC SMD RFQ
B0500T Image B0500T FUSE TELECOM 500MA 600V SMD RFQ
SF-0603F050-2 Image SF-0603F050-2 FUSE FAST 50VDC 500MA 0603 RFQ
SF-0603F200-2 Image SF-0603F200-2 FUSE FAST 32VDC 2A 0603 RFQ
SF-0603F500-2 Image SF-0603F500-2 FUSE FAST 32VDC 5A 0603 RFQ
SF-0603F150-2 Image SF-0603F150-2 FUSE FAST 32VDC 1.5A 0603 RFQ
SF-0603F300-2 Image SF-0603F300-2 FUSE FAST 24VDC 3A 0603 RFQ
SF-0603F100-2 Image SF-0603F100-2 FUSE FAST 32VDC 1A 0603 RFQ
SF-0603F250-2 Image SF-0603F250-2 FUSE FAST 24VDC 2.5A 0603 RFQ
SF-0603F315-2 Image SF-0603F315-2 FUSE FAST 24VDC 3.15A 0603 RFQ
SF-0603S125-2 Image SF-0603S125-2 FUSE SLOW 32VDC 1.25A 0603 RFQ
SF-0603S160-2 Image SF-0603S160-2 FUSE SLOW 32VDC 1.6A 0603 RFQ
SF-0603S200-2 Image SF-0603S200-2 FUSE SLOW 32VDC 2A 0603 RFQ
SF-0603S250-2 Image SF-0603S250-2 FUSE SLOW 32VDC 2.5A 0603 RFQ
SF-0603S300-2 Image SF-0603S300-2 FUSE SLOW 32VDC 3A 0603 RFQ
SF-0603S050-2 Image SF-0603S050-2 FUSE 500MA 50VDC 0603 SLOW RFQ
SF-0603S500-2 Image SF-0603S500-2 FUSE 5A 32VDC 0603 SLOW RFQ
SF-1206F400-2 Image SF-1206F400-2 FUSE FAST 24VDC 4A 1206 RFQ
SF-1206F500-2 Image SF-1206F500-2 FUSE FAST 24VDC 5A 1206 RFQ
SF-1206F125-2 Image SF-1206F125-2 FUSE FAST 63VDC 1.25A 1206 RFQ
SF-1206F080-2 Image SF-1206F080-2 FUSE FAST 63VDC 800MA 1206 RFQ
SF-1206F150-2 Image SF-1206F150-2 FUSE FAST 63VDC 1.5A 1206 RFQ
SF-1206F200-2 Image SF-1206F200-2 FUSE FAST 63VDC 2A 1206 RFQ
SF-1206F250-2 Image SF-1206F250-2 FUSE FAST 32VDC 2.5A 1206 RFQ
SF-1206F700-2 Image SF-1206F700-2 FUSE FAST 24VDC 7A 1206 RFQ
SF-1206F050-2 Image SF-1206F050-2 FUSE FAST 63VDC 500MA 1206 RFQ
SF-1206F100-2 Image SF-1206F100-2 FUSE FAST 63VDC 1A 1206 RFQ
SF-1206F300-2 Image SF-1206F300-2 FUSE FAST 32VDC 3A 1206 RFQ
SF-0402F200-2 Image SF-0402F200-2 FUSE FAST 24VDC 2A 0402 RFQ
SF-0402F050-2 Image SF-0402F050-2 FUSE FAST 24VDC 500MA 0402 RFQ
SF-0402F400-2 Image SF-0402F400-2 FUSE 4A 24VDC 0402 FAST RFQ
SF-1206S300-2 Image SF-1206S300-2 FUSE SLOW 32VDC 3A 1206 RFQ
SF-1206S700-2 Image SF-1206S700-2 FUSE SLOW 24VDC 7A 1206 RFQ
SF-1206S050-2 Image SF-1206S050-2 FUSE SLOW 63VDC 500MA 1206 RFQ
SF-1206S100-2 Image SF-1206S100-2 FUSE SLOW 63VDC 1A 1206 RFQ
SF-1206S150-2 Image SF-1206S150-2 FUSE SLOW 63VDC 1.5A 1206 RFQ
SF-1206S200-2 Image SF-1206S200-2 FUSE SLOW 63VDC 2A 1206 RFQ
SF-1206S500-2 Image SF-1206S500-2 FUSE SLOW 24VDC 5A 1206 RFQ
SF-1206S250-2 Image SF-1206S250-2 FUSE SLOW 32VDC 2.5A 1206 RFQ
SF-1206S400-2 Image SF-1206S400-2 FUSE SLOW 24VDC 4A 1206 RFQ
SF-0402S200-2 Image SF-0402S200-2 FUSE SLOW 24VDC 2A 0402 RFQ
SF-0603F063-2 Image SF-0603F063-2 FUSE 630MA 32VDC 0603 FAST RFQ
SF-0603F080-2 Image SF-0603F080-2 FUSE 800MA 32VDC 0603 FAST RFQ
SF-0603F125-2 Image SF-0603F125-2 FUSE 1.25A 32VDC 0603 FAST RFQ
SF-0603F160-2 Image SF-0603F160-2 FUSE 1.6A 32VDC 0603 FAST RFQ
SF-0603F400-2 Image SF-0603F400-2 FUSE 4A 32VDC 0603 FAST RFQ
SF-0603S063-2 Image SF-0603S063-2 FUSE 630MA 32VDC 0603 SLOW RFQ
SF-0603S080-2 Image SF-0603S080-2 FUSE 800MA 32VDC 0603 SLOW RFQ
SF-0603S100-2 Image SF-0603S100-2 FUSE 1A 32VDC 0603 SLOW RFQ
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