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OEMs Electronics is a leading independent electronic components distributor of Amgis, LLC parts.
Amgis, LLC
Amgis, LLC DistributorWe are a leading independent electronic components distributor of Amgis, LLC electronic component parts. Browse the part number by Amgis, LLC to find the electronic component parts you need. Once you find the Amgis, LLC electronic component part you are looking for, you can simply use the Request Quote Form to submit a request for quote (RFQ), and we will contact you quickly. If you have a Spreadsheet/BOM, you can email your list to info@OEMsec.com

Amgis, LLC Electronic Components & Parts:

Image Part Number Description Quote
DJ-503 Image DJ-503 CHOKE DUAL 100/25UH 3/6A T/H RFQ
SH150S-1.26-112 Image SH150S-1.26-112 INDUCTOR 112UH 1.26A 150KHZ SMD RFQ
SH150S-3.00-17 Image SH150S-3.00-17 INDUCTOR 17UH 3.00A 150KHZ SMD RFQ
SH150S-0.54-173 Image SH150S-0.54-173 INDUCTOR 173UH .54A 150KHZ SMD RFQ
SH150S-0.82-78 Image SH150S-0.82-78 INDUCTOR 78UH .82A 150KHZ SMD RFQ
SH150S-1.20-38 Image SH150S-1.20-38 INDUCTOR 38UH 1.2A 150KHZ SMD RFQ
SH150S-2.24-37 Image SH150S-2.24-37 INDUCTOR 37UH 2.24A 150KHZ SMD RFQ
SH150S-1.87-53 Image SH150S-1.87-53 INDUCTOR 53UH 1.87A 150KHZ SMD RFQ
SH150S-0.83-248 Image SH150S-0.83-248 INDUCTOR 248UH .83A 150KHZ SMD RFQ
SH150S-3.00-53 Image SH150S-3.00-53 INDUCTOR 53UH 3.00A 150KHZ SMD RFQ
SH150S-2.22-114 Image SH150S-2.22-114 INDUCTOR 114UH 2.22A 150KHZ SMD RFQ
SH150S-3.00-77 Image SH150S-3.00-77 INDUCTOR 77UH 3.00A 150KHZ SMD RFQ
SH50S-2.0-150 Image SH50S-2.0-150 INDUCTOR 150UH 2.0A 50KHZ SMD RFQ
SH150S-3.00-110 Image SH150S-3.00-110 INDUCTOR 110UH 3.00A 150KHZ SMD RFQ
SH150T-1.02-168 Image SH150T-1.02-168 INDUCTOR 168UH 1.02A 150KHZ THD RFQ
SH150S-2.50-167 Image SH150S-2.50-167 INDUCTOR 167UH 2.50A 150KHZ SMD RFQ
SH150C-2.22-114 Image SH150C-2.22-114 INDUCTOR 114UH 2.22A 150KHZ CLP RFQ
SH150C-3.00-53 Image SH150C-3.00-53 INDUCTOR 53UH 3.00A 150KHZ CLP RFQ
SH150C-3.00-77 Image SH150C-3.00-77 INDUCTOR 77UH 3.00A 150KHZ CLP RFQ
SH50C-5.0-36 Image SH50C-5.0-36 INDUCTOR 36UH 5.0A 50KHZ CLP RFQ
SH50C-3.0-150 Image SH50C-3.0-150 INDUCTOR 150UH 3.0A 50KHZ CLP RFQ
SH50C-2.0-150 Image SH50C-2.0-150 INDUCTOR 150UH 2.0A 50KHZ CLP RFQ
SH150C-2.50-167 Image SH150C-2.50-167 INDUCTOR 167UH 2.50A 150KHZ CLP RFQ
SH50C-2.0-470 Image SH50C-2.0-470 INDUCTOR 470UH 2.0A 50KHZ CLP RFQ
SH50C-0.95-1000 Image SH50C-0.95-1000 INDUCTOR 1000UH .95A 50KHZ CLP RFQ
SH150S-0.38-118 Image SH150S-0.38-118 INDUCTOR 118UH .38A 150KHZ SMD RFQ
SH150S-3.00-25 Image SH150S-3.00-25 INDUCTOR 25UH 3.00A 150KHZ SMD RFQ
SWC-3.00-77 Image SWC-3.00-77 INDUCTOR 77UH 3A 150KHZ VRT RFQ
SH150S-3.00-38 Image SH150S-3.00-38 INDUCTOR 38UH 3.00A 150KHZ SMD RFQ
SH50C-3.0-47 Image SH50C-3.0-47 INDUCTOR 47UH 3.0A 50KHZ CLP RFQ
SH150T-0.83-248 Image SH150T-0.83-248 INDUCTOR 248UH .83A 150KHZ THD RFQ
SH50C-3.0-100 Image SH50C-3.0-100 INDUCTOR 100UH 3.0A 50KHZ CLP RFQ
SH150C-3.00-110 Image SH150C-3.00-110 INDUCTOR 110UH 3.00A 150KHZ CLP RFQ
SH150S-1.00-54 Image SH150S-1.00-54 INDUCTOR 54UH 1.00A 150KHZ SMD RFQ
SH150S-0.67-115 Image SH150S-0.67-115 INDUCTOR 115UH .67A 150KHZ SMD RFQ
SH150S-1.81-168 Image SH150S-1.81-168 INDUCTOR 168UH 1.81A 150KHZ SMD RFQ
SH150S-0.36-375 Image SH150S-0.36-375 INDUCTOR 375UH .36A 150KHZ SMD RFQ
SH150S-2.74-24 Image SH150S-2.74-24 INDUCTOR 24UH 2.74A 150KHZ SMD RFQ
SH50S-3.0-47 Image SH50S-3.0-47 INDUCTOR 47UH 3.0A 50KHZ SMD RFQ
SH50S-1.4-220 Image SH50S-1.4-220 INDUCTOR 220UH 1.4A 50KHZ SMD RFQ
SH150T-0.46-78 Image SH150T-0.46-78 INDUCTOR 78UH .46A 150KHZ THD RFQ
SH150T-1.54-77 Image SH150T-1.54-77 INDUCTOR 77UH 1.54A 150KHZ THD RFQ
SH150T-0.38-118 Image SH150T-0.38-118 INDUCTOR 118UH .38A 150KHZ THD RFQ
SH150T-0.82-78 Image SH150T-0.82-78 INDUCTOR 78UH .82A 150KHZ THD RFQ
SH150C-3.00-17 Image SH150C-3.00-17 INDUCTOR 17UH 3.00A 150KHZ CLP RFQ
SH150T-0.36-375 Image SH150T-0.36-375 INDUCTOR 375UH .36A 150KHZ THD RFQ
SH150T-0.20-374 Image SH150T-0.20-374 INDUCTOR 374UH .20A 150KHZ THD RFQ
SH150T-1.26-112 Image SH150T-1.26-112 INDUCTOR 112UH 1.26A 150KHZ THD RFQ
SH50F-3.0-47 Image SH50F-3.0-47 INDUCTOR 47UH 3.0A 50KHZ THD RFQ
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